About Me

Angela Karachristos, M.A. I/O Psychology Owner, Principal Consultant

“We will have to develop ourselves. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution. And, we will have to stay mentally alert and engaged during a 50-year working life, which means knowing how and when to change the work we do.”

— Peter F. Drucker

This is my story

Angela Karachristos, M.A. I/O Psychology

Owner, Principal Consultant

I’m an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, HR Professional and Management Professor. And a mom, wife, sister, mentor and friend. An art buff, avid reader, foodie and reality TV lover.

But most importantly, everything I do, I do with love.

I’ll be your advocate, your cheerleader and your accountability partner.

After over a decade working in the financial services industry in a variety of strategic roles such as training and development, recruiting, leadership coaching, human resource management and organizational development, I developed the ability to match business goals and the people who drive them. I became an expert at identifying, growing and leveraging good talent.

And, I know better than anyone, that women are the best talent.

Some of my favorite years of my career were spent training new hires to succeed at their job and coaching them along the way. I loved developing a clear career path for employees to be able to visualize their goals and then giving them the skills to achieve them. I also loved consulting with the folks at the top and influencing meaningful change. It was one of the most fulfilling learning experiences of my life. Until… I had a baby.

Then my focus—and my priorities—dramatically shifted.

I decided it was time for me to take all that I learned and share it with others. I started teaching what I know at local Universities and consulting with small businesses without in-house HR. But, more importantly – as a child of an immigrant- I wanted to commit to helping women achieve the social and financial mobility they desire regardless of the color or their skin or their parent’s immigration status (read my Diversity Statement here).

So, my business Anthos Consulting was born. Anthos, by the way, is the Greek word for bloom, blossom and growth.

I thrive on building authentic, honest relationships with my clients. My coaching is focused on removing barriers, exploring your natural strengths and your personal values. I create an open, trusting relationship free of judgement, so that we can explore the issues and challenges that are getting in your way and move on to developing the tools and resources to achieve (and sustain!) your success.

My heart is in helping people— particularly women—achieve their goals and grow professionally and personally. I created this site – Career Moves for Women – to equip women with tools to navigate their workplace, business and career.

I understand the inner workings of organizations and will give you that same insight—insight that comes from experience, research and proven best practices.

The work you were born to do is already inside you. I’m here to help you figure it out.​

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What my clients are saying…

Angela has a great way of making you feel safe and seen while also activating you in taking action that excites you. Before working with Angela, I was feeling blocked in an area of my business and had trouble taking the steps I needed to move forward. She helped me gain clarity and confidence so that now, I am energized and focused on my next moves. Her strategic guidance and warm energy make any challenge a thing of the past. I’m so grateful to have Angela in my corner and highly recommend her!

Caroline K.

Partner in Purpose

I feel like I have a “success hangover.” I feel so lucky, I feel like a genius for having reached out to you, and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude. You did a good thing here, sweet woman. Thank you so much.

Alex B.

Fundraising Professional